Never Know .

" im just a person that had already broken into pieces , that trying to collect back my pieces "

you never know how hard it is ,
you never know how painful it is ,
you never know how much energy it is ,
you never know how much it take to be me ,
when you actually never know how to be yourself .

when you stuck between choices ,
when you really not knowing what to do ,
when you just follow the flow ,
without any direction , someone or something ,
to hold on .

when you thought , it will be okay ,
but its not okay .
when you try your best , and hope everything will be alright ,
but its dont and become worse .
when you to be nice , and hope to have a nice compaion ,
and you screw up and everything start to fallen down .

you never know ,
how strong it is to even try to do it
how eager it is  try to change yourself
how much power it is to hold the pressure .
you will never know .

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