Awesome Birthday Party .

Assalamualaikum .

Lama gila tak update .
So malam nehh jom update .

Yeap , aku tahu Birthday aku berzaman lagi . Tapi why not ? Since i hate surprise , my celebration of birthday usually bored and shabby . Haha , nasib badan laa dah tahu tak suka surprise . So , this year . Lets go make something awesome , which i know never can be happen ? But why not right ?

For my birthday this year .

I want to spend my birthday at the beach , around the campfire and the cold of night .
Never mind the chills , because the warmth of my friends can heat me up .
So , i want my best friends to be there , not forget my important friends too !!
Maybe eat some maggies and drink the coconut shake
If have barbecue is more better i think along with guitar , hoho !

Playing ' truth or dare ' or ' jenga '
Play a random song , so we can sing and dance together .
Joking and laughing together and just be tennagers .

I want the night ,
That we can relax and enjoy the moment ..
Laying on the sand , watching moon and star .
The awkward silent that i comfortable of , haha .
Then until we fall sleep in each other arm .
Awake along with the sunrises .
Haha .

Okay , maybe too much dreaming . Cause my birthday fall in month of ramadan .
So i know this will never be happen .
Never mind ,
Anganangan tak perlu dibayar .
K , chawww !
Assalamualaikum .

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