Second Rare .

Assalamualaikum .

You know what ,
I meet a girl in UIA .
Firstly , i was likee ' whooahhh girl , you have to learn to chill out '
That was my first impression .
And the day continue .

On my first sem .
She cry because of me .
We do not speak about days .
It broke my heart and hers .

But , our friendship continue .
Sem 2 , i become more open to my friends .
She know how to chill out better than me . Sometimes .
Sem 3 , it going to be more awesome .
Somehow,  I dont know why and when .
We really cope with each other .

But no !
Our personality and attiude are completely different .
I just think .
We accept each other way .
Maybe cause she accept my ridiciolous and childish act .

At the last sem .
I describe her to

' Kau nehh Rare ' - Me 

And she really get angry and annoyed .
She keep asking me and why .
And yeah ,
I also totally annoyed .
To make her more okay .
I told her ,
She has 3 Rare .
As i thought , she will be okay .
But , no !
She became more angry .
Keep asking and persuade me to tell her .
And no .

But , at the end of sem .
I told her , her first rare .
Now i want to tell you your second rare .

' Kau boleh cope dengan my own way of think and you know how to break , build or even elaborate it '

Okay dear , sastified ?

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