Assalamualaikum .

Since post to instagram is too mainstream . Aku post dekat blog .

1- Huge Fan of Black . Sangat suka hitam , tunjuk jela benda apa warna hitam . Aku akan suka .

2- I make a thin invesible wall around me if i meet stranger and people that i rarely meet .

3- Aku dikatakan mengada or manja . Which is same by the way . Aku mengada or manja dekat orang yang aku tahu dia tak kisah dengan perangai aku .

4- Addict to food expect food yang pedas .

5-Im always be the person who started the conversation but between the conversation im became silent .

6- Bad in handwriting . Trying to change it since primary school but failed .

7-  I always have my own definition of something .

8- Love to think . I always imagine think in front of me .

9- Fast speaker . Many people hardly understand my saying in the first meeting .

10- Ganas ? Yeah , maybe . A little bit . I try to change it .

11- Awkward around boys . Like seriously , i will speak faster and my personality totally swap , but not in gedik way . More to boyish i think .

12- Many friends yet a little of best friends . Cause not all people can accept me the way i am .

13- If i want something really badly , i will make sure i get it .

14- Not a big fun of study . I always think study is combining of study + dying . But i try my best to be knowledgeable so people will not step on me .

15- Cerewat in buying clothhing including shoes , shirt and etc . Jubah and bajukurung selalunya tempah .

16- Gila camera . But tak pandai sangat ambil gambar . Try to learn but going to class is so expensive so belajar sendiri jea and tengok orang ambil gambar .

17- Not a big fun in mix and match style baju tudung or other thing . kalau aku rasa okay , okay laa .

18- Not a big fan of korea . But i love bigbang and 2NE1 . Im yg stan .

19- Not a crazy person , and not introvet . In the middle although sometimes i love introvet .

20- When i stress , i will pick my hair , eyebrows and eyelashes .

Tadaaa ! Done ! Yeayyy !


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