Finding a Hello in GoodBye .

Whatever we plan in this world is not prefect .

Im sorry , if i did something wrong .
Im sorry , if it all my fault .
Im sorry , if i did return your call or your text .

We just plan , but Allah know the best plan ever . 
Maybe there are a lot of mistake somewhere in our plan .
I know its hard to take for you .
But for me , its for the best .

I see the way , and i hope you see it too .
Good Luck for you and i will waiting for you until the day you ask me to become a Halal to youu :')
Im sorry , if i have to let you go now .

I want to make myself prefect for you .
If you willing to take the time .
Im sure we will seeing each other again .
And i hope at that time , we a husband and wife .
Im sorry , again .
Thanks for everything .

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