The Long Conversation .

Hey youu .

Remeber back then ?

When we talk at the late night . You said sometimes that make us remind the all days . At first , you are sad and i said i will promise make you happy . So , you decide to call me and i remeber that was our first conversation that taking all the night just talking , laughing and yess , happy .

Im a very lousy about speaking or easy word make someone happy . But somehow we talk and talk until you say about something and it reminds about the old days . When we are still kids , doing stupid things , fight about little things , and fallen in love easily . We are unmatured about the world and just being happy . Yes , we are young , we do stupid things , we fight about something stupid , we do stupid things and the other . Somehow , that was the first time , i heard you biggest laugh . My mouth smilee and i clapp to myself , yeayyyy ! I donee a good job :D

Then , we still talking . Im continue teasing you , but you not angry and laugh while talking and the word become diffent meaning and yeah , it was totally funny . I get a stomache because dying of laughter . Then , im became sleepy , but i dont want to sleep . I dont know why , but i dont want to sleep , i just want talking with you even we end of ideas . I still want . 

You pick up your guitar and said ' Tidur , orang dodoi kan keyhh ? ' Hahaa , LOL . You know i cant sleep when im hearing something , it must silent if you want me to sleep . But , you dont care and still playing . I dont know which song you play , but someow , it become a nice melody and i love to hearing it .  I still want to talking to youu , so i talk but you ignored and continue playing the guitar and you keep said be quiet . I smilee .

And , the next thing , i know that its morning and one morning text . 
Yeah , somehow i think i fallen in love with you .
But , i knoww .
We are never ever be together .

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