Hey crush .

When i see you , my heart skip a beat .

My heart whisper to me and say its you .

I smiling without i realise it .

But i know how much i love you .

We cannot be together .

Its painful . Its sweet pain .

Never mind , i always pray for you happiness .

Gambar hiasan . My sister .

Then , i see you again .

I love it when you look away , when i look at you .

But somehow , it become hurt and i act like its all okay .

I walk away 

Yeah , the pain .

But i keep to myself . Naa , its okayy . You can control it , atiee :')

Somehoww ,  for one years and nealy came to 3 months , i lose it . I totally miss youu :')

Really miss youu . Sorry .

Im happy when i see you happy . But i cant lie to myself , i totally love youu :')

Really love youu . Sorry .

The one that always love you in silent .

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