Pretty Much About Atiee :)

Hyee dan asslamualaikumm :D

See that chubby face ?

This is me . Hidayah atau dikenali sebagai atiee . Weeeee ! :D

Im eigtheen ! Yess , dah atas umur . Boleh tengok semua movie dah lepas nehh , yeayyyy ! :D
Im 162 cm . Yes , dah tinggi ! Dah tak boleh pergi kea taman permainan lagi :(
Im Ex SPM Candidates 2012 . Im not school student anymoree :)

Im change . Im grow up . Im matured enough , i think . 
Im single and not available because someone steal my heart and didnt give me back -.-'
My face inherited mostly from my father but my attitude can be both , sometimes im become like my mom and sometimes like my dad .
I have dimple at my right check but because im become bigger it not show up :(

Im not prefect sometimes i do mistake . Silly mistakes , but hey i am just human . So , forgive me , okay ? Ahaaa , sayangg awak :D

Im clumsy and careless person . I always drop my stuff everywhere and often get scolded from people . But , lately im not causee i have nothing to do ! Im just sitting at home , eating , sleeping , onlinee and sometimes cooking because i like too cooking ! Yeahhh :D

Im islam . Yes , my religion is islam  . And i proud to be muslim :)

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