New Chapter .

Its raining outsidee .

My dad always scold me when im back home and whole my body is wet by rain . But , somehow , i love rain . I love riding motorcycle when raining . It cold ! Haha , seriouslyy ! Very cold . And somehow , the raining make me feel like all my problem swep away from my lifee . Im totally alive after that . Haha , no kidding , playing with rain is fun . You should enjoy it .

' Bila laa hati kau nak sihat ? Huu .
Aku rasa kau kena tukar nickname laa .
Jangan bubuh Atiee dah . Asyik tak sihat jea benda tuhh XD '

Haha , benda nehh kawan baik aku yang bagi , Hahaa ngeng jeaa !

Is not im the one to make my heart better . Is just im try and i always try but i cannot liee myself . I become heartless and hopeless , maybe i never think i can endup like this . Yeah , maybe . But who knows ? Allah doesnt make something that he will regret . On the easy word , Allah tak akan buat perkara yang sia sia . So , im trying but if Allah doesnt want to make it happen , it doesnt happen .

Im not asking everyone to understand it . Im not fake smile , when i laugh , it show im happy . When i smile , it means something . I know , we doesnt have to wait for something that will never happen , but hey , who knows ? Just Allah knows right ?

Im happy , yes i am . Im not lying seriuously . This is me . World upside down right ? Well , then im maybe in middle . Doesnt want to be over happy or over sad . Just in the middle . Live well or live hell , i choose live welll .

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