Lifeless .

A story .

I was remembered back then , when i was walking alone . Hearing a song and smiling alone , and suddenly your appear . Smile , give me your hand , give me your smile and give me your kindness , your totally make me alive and at the same times , there is eyes that watching me closely . But i never thought about those eyes , you just make alive .

I thought .

There is one time , that i totally feel like my live was prefect . I have everything , i have the happiness , like the story of ' happy ever after ' . You make my life worth . But , the eyes have gone so far , the eyes was totally sad about me . He not run away , he there , watching me , give me spirit . But if i just notices , just one , but i dont .

The time passed away , the happing ending that i was dream about . Just missing , vanished . It was just devastated . At the times , im fall , very fall , i didnt have a reason , to stand again . I smile , but in myself , i was cry very hard . Everyone have skeleton in their closet right ?

Time passed , and eventually , i learn something from the eyes . It make me 2 years to realised , but alhamdulilah , i wake up early than i thought .

The man that decided to change on the 12th dies on the 11th .

I never regret my pass but i learn from that . Sometimes , i miss the past , but what live in the future is more important . The future not create in the future , but create now :)

It just story and i hope you can understand it .

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