Speak To Myself :)

I dont know . 

I like to staying up late night . Somehow , seeing the sky and listen to the song can make me calm . A beautiful give from Allah right ? Have you been seen the sky , and you feel something , something that i cannot  described in word . It just something that grow up in yourself . 

Sit under the full moon , in front of the beach with people you love . Haa , it was great time you know .

It just like the air flow around you body and make you fresh . It that time that everything came to your mind . 

Did i do this right ? 
Did i hurt somebody ? 
Did i do something that is wrong ? 
Did i make people dislike me ?
Did i not grateful to what Allah had given to me ? 

Hmm , i dont know .

I can't get the answer . I want the best for everyone but somehow i think i fail . 

How i suppose to make someone happy , but myself do not have the happiness ?

This qouestion , always came to my mind . And i know the answer . But , it so hard to make the answer came truth . Yes , i know im lying to myself . But . haa , i just can laughing . I smilinng but i even myself don't know it is the happiness ? Or i just laughing , just nothing about it .

Haa , why it is so complicated ?

Hmm , can you do me a favour ?
Let me know , if i do something wrong . I want to apology to youu . If you can't tell me , cause i know there are readers that wont to talk to me , so im apologizes , if i fo something wrong . If , my grammmar is mistaken . Just let it be . Im newbiee in this area :)

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