My opinion . Though in the wonderful morning .

you know what ?
when you think this world make you feel worse .
actully is not .
is yourself who think this world is bad .

look around you .
people smiling at you , happily , laughing and hand you a hand 
or the special one . A HUG .

maybe it is not about the qouestion ,
it is about the answer .
sometimes , people though seeing someone happy is the best .
but seeing someone happy through lie is not .
but at the end , you will say the good impact .

maybe it is destined to be like that .
or .
the easy way to be understand 
maybe it is destined to couple to be together .

is our choice , Allah maybe have the way , but
its depend on our work , 
not our fate , right ?

and maybe if we fail .
at least we try , right ?
it is not waste anywhere :)

people can make anything and can do anything .
but its depend on us .
not them , not there , or not anyone 
it depend on oursleves .
our hardwork , our pain and our spirit .

You can handle .
just handle it with smile .
and be happy whatever you doing .

love the life you live .
live the life you love 


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