Just Random Type .

Maybe is so hard so much .
But , if you can endure it . 
Its okay ,
cause that life ,
many people will hate you , hold you back and make you down .

But remember ,
there is always people will give you hand , 
give you sprit ,
wake you up .
we live just once , fill up with memory either good ones or bad ones .

Trust me .
It will became experience and you will be mature .

Maybe you just have to accpet the way ,
but you can't  escape from the reality .
yes , its hard . its pain . its tiring .
but it teach you ,
just you to realise that or not .

Love .
i dont know why ,
but this shit thing , can change all .
it can change all your life completly ,
im not ptofesional with that .
but , it teach me a lot .

it change me .
change me a lot .



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