New Chapter :)

Hey ,

say that tittle , new chapter :)

You know life can be change right ?

All this things happen , make me think and be grateful for what ever i have . I dont know , but i think this life make me feel like something happen i should change it . I dont know , seeing me now and compared with myself , whoohhhh , a veryvery a lot of diffrent

Make new people , having new experience , cherish everytime i had in my life . You know like , Be grateful to ALLAH , he give me this big chance , to change my life . To make my gold become true , not just a dream waiting to be cacth . It something that im runnning to get it .

Somehow , this change make me close to my family and friends . Be responsible to one another and yes again be grateful . Its just me grow up and be mature for whatever im doing . Yes , if you be my friends and see you can see me full of optimistics and postive mind . Im just full of happiness and smile , but yet im not found my real smile .

Life is full of obstacles , roadblock , shortcut and many more . I dont know , what chapter this story in my life . But im supposed i had going to enter new chapter . Its really the time that can make you okay also your strength and you willing to do so . Dont hope for sometimes really not get near you .


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