Life .

Love the life you live .
Live the life you love .

In this world , there must be a people that will make you down , always everyday . But you have to stay strong right ? 

In my life , is not about changing . But is about going up , be mature . 

Look around , and it must be a reason to make you smile . Dont compared you life with another life , i dont know , maybe your friend life . dont ! you have to  be grateful for what ever happen . 

in doing something , be mature . care about other feeling . Yes , your feeling is important , but other feeling is important too . If you happy , and people around you dont , is it have meaning ?

Besides , dont judge book by its cover . even i wrongly a lot of time . 

' Anda boleh memberi tanggapan kepada seseorang , tapi anda tak boleh menilai seseorang tuhh . Siapa kita hendak menilai seseorang tuhhh ? '

Im know a lot of nice people . There dont judge people , but they accept the way of the me . Im glad , very glad . They dont change me , but they teach me to grow up , be mature .

Something happen and it must be a reason . You just have to find it .

Last , accept yourself . Dont change it . It wonderful to be yourself . Its only you in this world , there are non such a thing same as you . You are unqie , remember that . For my classmates , we are the primary key remember :)


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