The truth is , i miss you :')

Hey , you wanna know something ?


im not talking about my ex , im talking about someone , that im used to be adore her . Im really care about her , but i dont know . She running from me , im always try to think positive , but at the endd * sigh .

I seriously want to know what happen
im seriously wanna know why she act like that ?
im seriously wanna know why she turned the way she said she never be , again why ?

Heyy , yess , im stalking you and i knoww youu never noticed and i know , you surrounding a lot of people that you love and they love you . you are the first someone that make feel so calm and love so much . you show your love , but i guest is not for long right ?

Im very grateful to know you , even now i feel the same . Im always remeber that advice , act , kindness that you give me , but now .... seriously i want to know why ? but who am i right ? im nothing to you , im a just a little girl that be ' watak sampingan ' in your life right ? Im want to be besides you until my breath is taking away , but at the end , is not going to happen .

I miss youu .
I miss youu soo muchh .
Im sorry if i do something wrong .
i really miss you warm kindness act to mee . 



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