Continue walking .

Hyee .

SPM exam is just left for 39 days . Time walk past right ?

I ask myself this qouestion :

Heyy , do you find the smile ? THE BIG SMILE ?

World very upside down right ? I havee been down , top ? Noo , i still think no . Im walking now , and i reallu hope i can arive my destination safely . Im thankful , to my family , friends that hold my hand until now . Im really hope you not let it goo .

But , for myself i dont know . Im really love , to go outside see the sky and somehow , im smile . Yeah , cause its just beautiful and make me calm . Even , many things come to my mine , im still smiling and say to myself ,

' Everything happen to your life is depend on what you choose to be . Livee well , or life hell , you choose :) '

Its just word that wake me up that i shouldnt be said , just being happy and everything goonna be okay . But , i know this cannot solve anything . At the end , is still youu that make everything is okayy . Learn from the experience is the best :)

' You should never give up . No matter how hard the situation is , always believe that something beautiful is going to happen :)'


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