Never ask to be prefect :)

Hello :)

Sometimes i wonder why something shit happen ?
Why it is come to me ?
Why not to everyone else ?

World can be upside down and its happen to me now and really it is make me down so badly . Even sometimes , me cannot stand up again . If you read my old post , you know , so hard me to move on by myself . Yes , i get a lot of courage from all my family and my friends . Hey , thank youu :)

But , it is over now . but , why i still hear something that i was enough to think ? heyy , stop it . im really tired you know . I just want to be nice , but you make me more hurt that you can ever never feel about it . I dont know why , but i know something that make me silent until now .

Heyy , if you really hate me . Then stop everything about me , talk about me , text me , see me and the others . I cannot stand anymore see you action that is all my fault . heyy , both of us grow up right dear ? Heyy  , you know my promise .  Then pleasee understand .

Did you happy to see me like this ?


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