Random Word :)

Hyep , assalumualaikum .

' close  my eyes , and feel you beside me '

Random word but not to the random people .
Heyy , thank youu for being beside me . wipe my tears , make me laugh , make me stay strong and still , make me alive and the important make me movee onn and live the world :)

' smile , is the best weapon for your enemy '

Ini hanya sajaa , tibatiba aku nampak mata aku besar macam tuhh . Soo , aku tulis jela .

Tapi ayat tuhh betul . Tidak perlu ada rasa sedih , find the positive side and be optismitcs . There are a lot of way that you can find . If plan A dont work out , dont worry there are more alphabets right ? 

Look at the sky and give the most beautiful smile you have . There are a lot of happiness out there :)

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