sigh ,

                                                    i cannot lie myself . i miss you

Dear you , 

are you are in pink of health ? are you still be the same person i knew . The last time , i see you , youu totally , completely diffrent person , but this time . I dont know , i just remain myself the old of you . The one that i totally love and miss so much . The one that i knew that love me full of him heart . The one that do anything for me , if i can change the time back . IF I COULD .

                                               if i can build  time machine ,

how are you know ? last time i checked on you , you sat in front of a girl , laughing together . Yes , i know you and her is friend , but we start as friend , isn't ? But , at least i know you happy and can smile . That make me happy to , even how i wish i the one that make you laugh , not her .
                                                          i miss our memory ,

do you remember , all our memories . all our time that we spend together , i cannot lie , a lot of thing remind me to you . or it is just me that do thing that make me remind to you ? heyy , really i miss youuu . i need you , why ? why you leave me and never look back to me ? why ?

                     my friends say to me ' kau sayang dia banyak sangat '

yes , of course i love you a lot . we be together as one year seven months , how could i forget you in such a short time ? you the one that i go whenver my emotion is , happy , sad , moody , need someone . you , there . in fact we break without any fight or anything . we break becausee ..... huuuu * sigh *

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