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hyep all . can you help me ?

what the love mean ?

okay , im totally wanna know okay . cause the feeling im feel right now is damn fucking hurt . it is the love ? if is the love why its so pain ? why its totally change me ?

im wanna be strong . im wanna show that i can life without him . but if you put your shoes in mine you know how hurt it is . my leg shaking , my heart wanna to explode , my eyes crying , my liver screaming , my body want to fall , ukay im not strong okay ? i  just want to be strong .

everyday , im heard all about him , even when im text someone , there is always him that become the tittle , pleasee . i've heart too even its totally in pieces . pleasee , im begging dont talk about him when you text with me . pleasee , its hurt okay .

yeah , we friend , okay lettuwkan ? yes , it is okay about that . but it will become not okay , when the time come . i know him , i know his family , i know his attiude , i know ! but not because i know that , you treat me like a foolish girl . hey , im have a feeling too ! shit damm .

ps . watch your mouth . think before you do something . if it about somebody feeling , please beware of that . you will not understand until its go to you . if my english is broken , just ignore that . at least im trying not laughing to other people (':

Im always crying alone (':

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