Surat yang tidak dihantar :')

Asslamualaikum .

Hey awak .

12 tengah malam sekejap lagi , cukup kita break dua bulan . Sekejap jea masa berlalu , and surpringsily i can life without you . i can smile without you . i can laugh without you . i can find my happiness without you . yes , surprise . i manage to handle that .

i wont lie to you . i miss you , i miss you everyday

dua atau tiga hari yang lepas , seorang beritahu saya yang sebenarnya alasan yang awak bagi kat saya , semua tuhh hanya muslihat awak . tiada apa yang berlaku di antara awak dengan orang tuhh . tiada apa yang akan berlaku . tiada apapapa .

okay , now i get it . its just you are the one that changed . ever since i know you , i didnt regret anyting at all , but now i regret , just tell the truth , i can accept that . it wont make me both of us hurt , and maybe just hurt me a little bit . but at least , it wont hurt me like this .

well , i guest thats the end of our relationship . no hope after that , just a tittle ' friend ' that i dont know .we friends ? i dont think so , enemy ? yeahh ! it sound like our conditin now . i didn't want we become like this , but im just become tired to be the one that go for you , not you .

im sorry to you . all my mistakes , all my wrong , all my sentences , all my line and all my love to you . its just so many level and so many wrong about it .

im didnt regret fall in love with you . im didnt we regret our memory . im didnt regret everything we had . im just regret you lying to me and we ended like this . i wish for your happiness always and i always there if you need me , im always there .

again , im sorry . i love you .

pencinta dalam diam (:
refaaa .

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